Unisys Clients - NZTA

Accelerating digital transformation to improve road and driver safety

The Business Challenge

Provide secure, convenient, online citizen services while managing to regulations and compliance needs.

The Solution

  • Unisys is developing a scaled, agile DevOps environment to provide flexibility to engage effectively with citizens online by leveraging APIs and introducing configurable business rules to enable digital transformation of the Registry systems for digital access.
  • Fully managed outsourced systems comprised of Unisys ES7000 and ES3000 Windows-based platform running Unisys Agile Business Suite 24x7x365; Managed Security Services (Security Information and Event Management) for managing and monitoring security systems.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved simplicity and flexibility in the way citizens register for drivers licenses
  • Reduced annual IT maintenance and operations cost by 26%
  • Improved the time to respond to evolving legislative requirements from 6-12 months to 3 months


Unisys has been a strong partner to New Zealand Transport Agency for 20+ years. They understand our business and continually find ways to help us provide innovative service to New Zealand citizens. Our latest endeavor is using a new Agile approach that allows us to deliver customer value faster. In the past, it took us 6-12 months to actually deliver the benefits of legislative change to New Zealanders; now we can deliver customer value within 3 months.”

Robyn Elston

National Manager of Delivery
New Zealand Transport Agency

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